Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers v3

Our assisted training program for teachers who want to use the Arduino as part of their STEM curriculum, or as a stand-alone topic.

Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers v3

We have designed the curriculum for teachers who have never used the Arduino in the past. Many of our students have no programming experience.

Our curriculum emphasises mastery, and focuses on:

a solid understanding of the fundamental programming concepts and skills,
a solid understanding of the Arduino board and its capabilities,
the development of practical skills through the development of a project portfolio.

US $499.00


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Are you a teacher? A homeschooling parent? A maker-space mentor?

If you are tasked with teaching the Arduino, electronics and programming to your students or children, this Arduino Bootcamp may be the most effective way to train yourself so you can become a confident Mentor to your students..

We offer you an obligation-free online meeting during which we can discuss your teaching needs and determine if this fast-paced training program is appropriate for you. During this meeting, we can also give you a detailed tour of the course, and answer any questions you may have.

Schedule time with me

The curriculum

We have designed the curriculum for teachers who have never used the Arduino in the past. Many of our students have no programming experience.

Our curriculum emphasises mastery, and focuses on:

  1. a solid understanding of the fundamental programming concepts and skills,
  2. a solid understanding of the Arduino board and its capabilities,
  3. the development of practical skills through the development of a project portfolio.

Please watch this video to learn more about the Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers curriculum.

I highly recommend it

The Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers and Trainers is one of the best courses I have undertaken online or in-person. There is a great balance of instruction and “learning by doing”, which gave me the opportunity to deeply learn and understand the topics. The forum and the helpdesk are really responsive and Dr Peter Dalmaris and his team are extremely helpful. After completing the course I feel equipped and competent enough to begin introducing the wonders of Arduino to students and fellow teachers. I highly recommend it.

Matthew Walter

Here are some quick points about this Bootcamp:

    • It is conducted exclusively online
    • Its start and end dates are decided between the instructor and the participants
    • It contains video lectures and downloadable PDF notes for the instructional component
    • It uses the Tech Explorations Help Desk for 24/7 communication between participants and instructors, and to deliver tasks
    • You work on your own time but must keep pace with the agreed Bootcamp action plan
    • You learn by working on eight mini projects
    • All your project submissions are evaluated by the Bootcamp team, with feedback provided.
    • You have two, 30 minutes, one-on-one blockbuster video conferences with Peter to receive feedback and any assistance you need
    • Apart from your computer, you need a small number of easy to find components, like an Arduino, a colour LED, a breadboard, wires. See a list of needed parts.

Who is this Bootcamp for?

We designed this Bootcamp for STEM teachers who are new to the Arduino as an educational tool but are tasked with the responsibility of teaching programming, technology, and electronics (and so much more!).

The principal instructor and designer of the Bootcamp, Dr Peter Dalmaris, has spoken with many teachers who are tasked with teaching a STEM curriculum but don't have the necessary technical or scientific background. While they have the right mindset, they indicate that they would have benefited greatly by having access to a training program specifically designed for preparing them for the responsibility of teaching others.

This Arduino Bootcamp for Teachers is perfect for these teachers.

Whether you are a student, or someone with the responsibility of helping a student, learning to mastery is a principle of learning that guarantees that whatever you learn, you learn well, and you can depend on it.

Especially for teachers, this is very true. So much depends on it. Encouraging a student to try a different approach, stick with a problem for a little longer, recognise dead ends, know when to iterate a solution, and so much more, to a large extent comes from the teacher's confidence in their skill and experience.

The Arduino Teacher's Bootcamp is about helping teachers new to STEM, and in particular to the Arduino as a teaching tool, to get to a skill level and confidence to be able to be an effective mentor for their students.

What is the structure of the Bootcamp?

Within the Bootcamp's 20 learning days, the participants will travel and experience the journey of the student.

They will learn from the resources that we have created for our Arduino students, practice their learnings with our mini-projects, and test their knowledge with our quizzes.

The Bootcamp curriculum builds a solid understanding of the Arduino as a platform for physical programming. Physical programming (sometimes also called "physical computing") involves the composition of software programs that control hardware devices. This Bootcamp is a great way to learn how to program because the effects of your programs on the world are real: you can see, hear and even touch the result of your program executing, instead of being an abstract representation of data on a computer screen. The participant will learn to program the Arduino, the Arduino hardware features that are important in programming, and play with simple peripheral components, always centered around programming concepts.

At every step of the way, our participants will have an open line of communication with and my team through through our Help Desk. There is also time allocated for dedicated one-on-one time with Peter, as well as group consultation, both using Zoom video conferencing.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is that any participant that completes the Bootcamp, having followed the daily instructions, and having done all the prescribed activities, will be a confident and competent STEM mentor for their students. They will have developed an understanding of the content covered, and will be able to deliver the same material to their students, with confidence.

If this doesn't happen, the participant is welcome to re-enroll to the Bootcamp next time it runs, and try again.

Your investment

Of course, to succeed, our participants will need to invest more than money: time. Each Bootcamp day will be filled with study, testing, making and reflective activities, and communication. This time must be factored into our participant's daily schedule. On average, depending on the participant's prior knowledge, we estimate that two to three hours will be needed for each of the 20 days of the boot camp.

Success leaves a trail behind it. By the end of the boot camp, the successful participant will have left a trail of successful mini projects and other activities that will be proof of what they have achieved.

If you are still reading this, then you are halfway through to the Bootcamp!

How about a chat?

The next step is to book a 30-minute consultation with me via video conference so that I can explain the details. Please the link below to book the consultation at your earliest convenience to allow you enough time to prepare for the Bootcamp should you decide to join us (a calendar pop-up will appear).

Schedule time with me

Looking forward to talking to you about this Bootcamp very soon!

Dr Peter Dalmaris, Instructor

  • In all, I recommend this class.

    In particular I recommend it if you have a basic understanding of electronics but may be a bit rusty. Do the words: LED, Diode, and Resistor have meaning to you? If you said yes then you passed that test. The same with programming skill, if you can form a single sentence that uses both the word “code” and the word “instruction” then you are ready.

    It is worth the effort you put into it and you will be better prepared to introduce your students to programs the take information from, and act on, the world outside of the computer.

    And, it is fun.

  • An excellent course with a great style of teaching and learning. I was amazed at how quickly I gained the knowledge and skills as I progressed through the boot camp. The course structure and interaction with the instructors was unlike any other course I’ve participated in.

    Since completing the course I have been able to successfully introduced our students to the wonders of Arduino and taken on the subject as a hobby.

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