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Arduino Step by Step
Getting Started

This classic course will teach you everything you need to know to create Arduino gadgets with sensors, displays, and lights. Start here if you are new to the Arduino.

KiCad Like a Pro
Updated for KiCad 7

In this eBook and video course, I have packed almost everything I have learned as a KiCad user and electronics instructor to help you learn KiCad.

Node-RED and
Raspberry Pi Pico W

Use this video course and eBook to learn Node-RED, Raspberry Pi Pico W, and MicroPython, and add these state-of-the-art tools to your technology toolkit.

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The latest from Peter's Flight Log

I'm training to be a pilot! In these pages I keep a detailed record of my journey and share the ups and downs (literally) with you.
I invite you to join me in my flying adventures!

Basic Intrument Flying, BIF, Simulator

Hour 31: Simulator Basic Instrument Flying training

Flight log Hour 31: Simulated for Basic Instrument Flying (BIF) training Today I had hoped to do a door-to-door circuits solo, but the weather, again, did not cooperate. So, Greg suggested I use the simulator to do some Basic Instrument Flying Training. This was a very good alternative to real-world flying, given that BIF is […]

Circuits, RW24, Strong crosswind

Hour 30: Dual training on Runway 24 with strong crosswind

Flight log Hour 30: Dual training on Runway 24 with strong crosswind I’m back at Camden for training two long weeks after my last (fourth) solo. Yesterday, as I was looking at the weather forecast, I expected the conditions to be both windy and rainy, and most likely for both my scheduled flights to be […]

Circuits, solo

Hour 29: My fourth solo

Flight log Hour 29: My fourth circuits solo Today is Wednesday, January 24, 2024. My last flight was more than three weeks ago, on January 3. During this time, I had multiple scheduled flights cancelled due to bad weather and the Scouts Flying Camp (January 8 to 12), to which I volunteered. So, today, I […]

Circuits, solo

Hour 28: My third solo

Flight log Hour 28: My third solo On my first flight of the year, I completed my third solo. If the noon weather were just as good as in the morning, I would have been able to go out for the fourth solo, a door-to-door flight. I have no complaints, though; solo three was as […]

Circuits, Second solo

Hour 27: My second solo!

Flight log Hour 27: My second solo! I completed my second solo on Saturday, December 23. In this solo, I completed two circuits, which included one touch-and-go. Unlike my first solo, I performed much better landings than my shocking #1 solo landing. Hour 27 was also interesting for its weather. During the pre-solo check, there […]

checklist, pre-flight inspection

Peter’s pre-flight inspection (a.k.a. “walkaround”)

Flight log Pre-Flight Ground Inspection on a Cessna 172 Before taking a plane to the sky, the pilot must careful inspect it. This inspection is the first of many checklist that exist to improve safety. In this page and video I explain how I do the pre-flight check on the Scout’s Cessna 172. The purpose […]





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Arduino Step by Step
Getting Started

The original comprehensive course designed for new Arduino Makers. It will teach you how to use the Arduino and learn about electronics and programming. We designed this course for people just starting now. It's the perfect start for the new Arduino Maker.

Arduino Step by Step
Getting Serious

Tech Explorations Arduino intermediate level

Create Arduino gadgets that can communicate, move, interact, measure and detect. This course picks up where Arduino Step by Step Getting Started left off and shows you how to use dozens of external components and advanced build-in features.

Raspberry Pi Full Stack

Raspberry Pi: Full Stack is a comprehensive project course that will teach you how to build a modern Internet-of-Things application that includes a local web server application written in Python and JavaScript, sensors, buttons and LEDs, and online Cloud services like If This Then That, Google Sheets, Google Charts, and Plotly.

ESP32 For Busy People

Use this powerful microcontroller to turbo-charge your Arduino projects. If you are already using the Arduino in your projects, then you'll love what the ESP32 can do. This course will help you get up and running with the ESP32 quickly.

Arduino IoT Cloud

Learn Arduino IoT Cloud to create IoT applications based on the Arduino MKR1010, the Arduino Nano 33 IoT, and the ESP32. This course is for anyone wanting to create secure and scalable IoT applications.

KiCad Like a Pro, 3e

Learn the world's favorite open-source PCB design tool with the world's most comprehensive course and eBook. Learn to use KiCad to design multi-layer PCBs with highly integrated components and a professional-looking finish. 

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