December 2017 Video Update

It’s been a busy last few months for this year. In this video, I highlight the top 3-4 things that kept us busy.

Here’s what’s been going on…

Links mentioned in this video:

Also, important news that I did not mention in the video in order to keep it to around ten minutes:

  • The help desk is fully functional. You will see it at the bottom of every lecture page. Use it to get fast-tracked support.
  • The Knowledge Base is getting more articles every day. It already contains lots of articles with answers to frequently asked questions.
  • The website is getting a facelift. The redesign and implementation work is almost complete. I hope you like it!
  • We are consolidating (the school) and (the blog) into a single web site. This is work in progress that should be completed before the end of the month. After that, you will be able to navigate to to get access to everything.
  • Stemiverse Podcast now has its own page on the website. One place to find and listen to all episodes. If you are a STEM teacher, parent or stakeholder, this is a must-listen resource!
  • Lots of other smaller of bigger things continuously happening to give you the best possible learning experience on the Web.

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