Raspberry Pi Full Stack, course update complete

I’m pleased to announce that we have just finished a major update to Raspberry Pi Full Stack.

I provided a preview of the update in my blog post.

If you are an existing student of the course, you already have access to the new content. Just go to the course page and check out the new content.

Here’s what’s new and updated:

Updated content:

  • Section 1: 0030 and 0010.
  • Section 2:  0111 (new), 0120 (updated), to cover the Raspberry Pi 4.
  • Section 3: 0170, 0180, 0190a, to cover Raspbian Buster.
  • Section 5: 0290a, to covert Python 3.8.1
  • Section 6: 0360a, 0360b, 570b, to cover Python 3.8.1 and the latest Python Arrow library.
  • Section 12: 0710a, to cover the recent change in the Plotly Python library.

New content:

  • Section 14, where you can learn how to do data logging with Google Sheet.
  • Section 15, where you can learn how to setup a remote Arduino node with the nRF24 in network mode.
  • Section 16, where you can learn how to setup email notifications with IFTTT.
  • Section 17, where you can learn how to secure your web app with SSL.

Please have a look at the new and updated content and give us your feedback.

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