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KiCad Like a Pro 4th edition eBook + offer (expired)

Please note that this offer has now expired. I recently completed work [...]


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KiCad Like a Pro 4th edition + AI Assistant + more news

It has been a few weeks since my last announcement. Work on [...]


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Arduino Step by Step
Getting Started

This classic course will teach you everything you need to know to create Arduino gadgets with sensors, displays, and lights. Start here if you are new to the Arduino.

KiCad Like a Pro

In this eBook and video course, I have packed almost everything I have learned as a KiCad user and electronics instructor to help you learn KiCad.

Node-RED and
Raspberry Pi Pico W

Use this video course and eBook to learn Node-RED, Raspberry Pi Pico W, and MicroPython, and add these state-of-the-art tools to your technology toolkit.

Arduino Step by Step
Getting Serious

Create Arduino gadgets that can communicate, move, interact, measure and detect. This course picks up where Arduino Step by Step Getting Started left off and shows you how to use dozens of external components and advanced build-in features.

ESP32 For Busy People

Use this powerful microcontroller to turbo-charge your Arduino projects. If you are already using the Arduino in your projects, then you'll love what the ESP32 can do. This course will help you get up and running with the ESP32 quickly.

ESP32 By Example

This course is for anyone who wants to begin to explore the world of cyber-physical systems where the worlds of software and physical system control meet. 

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